In January 2021 e-sgol were commissioned by Welsh Government to run a project to provide on-line sessions after school, to support pupils across Wales in order to  enrich their knowledge, following the lockdown periods, when they were receiving their education on-line during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project was named Carlam Cymru and ran in March 2021.

9 subjects were offered at GCSE level, 8 at AS level, and 10 at A level.

The subjects were offered through the medium of Welsh and English.

48 teachers from across Wales participated in the project

In total, 176 sessions were ran over a four week period

Almost 2900 pupils either followed the sessions live, or watched the recordings

Here are some of their comments:

“there were structured steps for each session”

“the teacher reinforced work that I had done”

“it was good to have somebody going through key aspects in a way that was appropriate to the exam board”

“it was good to have the resources to look back on if I was still uncertain”

Pupil responses following an evaluation of the events


97% of the pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the sessions were useful for their needs


100% of pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the content/resources were well organised and easy to follow


100% of pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the presentations were clear and effective


100% of pupils replied that they would join the sessions if Cyrsiau Carlam Cymru were to run again