Why did you as a school choose to offer an e-sgol course?

Living in a rural area, e-sgol provides our students with the opportunity to offer more choice at post-16. In Llanfyllin we wanted to give our students the widest possible choice of courses and at the same time wanted to retain and attract as many students into our 6th form as possible.

What was the initial reaction of the teachers that were approached to teach an e-sgol course?

The initial reaction has been very positive indeed. Once we explained that bespoke training would be available and the very best in kit would be made available to them the teachers were happy.

What are the benefits of providing an e-sgol course?

The main difference and benefits was that it reduced the need for travel (pre Covid that is). e-sgol also allows pupils to interact with teachers and students from other schools, and most importantly the students have the ability to study courses not normally offered in Llanfyllin.

What impact has providing an e-sgol course had on the members of staff who teach an e-sgol course?

It has had a very positive impact especially with the current climate in the transition into blended learning during Covid. They have been instrumental in training other staff in blended learning and are providing ongoing support to a number of members of staff.

What impact has providing an e-sgol course had on the pupils?  

The students really enjoy it, they appreciate being able to study the subjects that may not be available at school, and they like the flexibility and the quality of feedback they receive from their teachers.

What is the future of e-sgol provision in your school?

Sky is the limit. If the funding is there for the technology, the school could be delivering a number of appropriate subjects via e-sgol in the future. I think it will have a big future and I can see many more courses offered post 16 and possible at Key Stage 4 too.