Carlam Cymru

If any teachers would like to support and deliver future Carlam Cymru revision sessions, please visit the Vacancies page.


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In January 2021, e-sgol were approached and commissioned by Welsh Government to facilitate and host a series of live revision sessions for GCSE, AS and A Level students.

The purpose of these session was to reinforce the students knowledge in certain subjects and to sit alongside the amazing work covered by teachers at their schools. These FREE online revision sessions are available to all students across Wales regardless of where they live and their background.

As a project, e-sgol have recruited experienced teachers to deliver the revision sessions. In total, more than 50 teachers from across Wales have supported the initiative.

These teachers deliver the FREE live events after school through Microsoft Teams via Hwb. Students can then either tune in and watch the sessions live at the allocated date and time. Alternatively, students can watch the recordings and access the relevant resources at a more suitable time.

To date, 3 rounds of Carlam Cymru revision sessions have been delivered, Spring 2021, Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022.

54 teachers from across Wales have delivered the revision sessions.

To date, 432 revision sessions have been delivered

Over 9000 people have either watched the sessions live, or watched the recordings

Here are some of their comments:

“there were structured steps for each session”

“the teacher reinforced work that I had done”

“it was good to have somebody going through key aspects in a way that was appropriate to the exam board”

“it was good to have the resources to look back on if I was still uncertain”

Pupil responses following an evaluation of the events


97% of the pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the sessions were useful for their needs


100% of pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the content/resources were well organised and easy to follow


100% of pupils agreed or strongly agreed that the presentations were clear and effective


100% of pupils replied that they would join the sessions if Cyrsiau Carlam Cymru were to run again