Information for Parents

What is e-sgol?

e-sgol is a project funded by Welsh Government to assist schools’ sixth form provision primarily in rural areas and their Welsh medium provision. The core principles of e-sgol is to ensure learners, regardless of location, receive the opportunities to study subjects that may not be available for them to study in their schools.

The lessons are delivered using a blended learning approach and is driven by Hwb. Microsoft Teams is used to facilitate the lessons as a Virtual Learning Environment, and Microsoft OneNote is used to create notes and annotate over presentations. All staff, teachers, IT Technicians, and learners are provided training prior to the commencement of lessons and at numerous points during the year. 

As your children move from GCSEs to A Levels, parents can have many questions about what is best for their children. How do e-sgol lessons fit in this? Watch the the following video:

Where you have questions, please look at our FAQs or get in touch with us at Some things for you to consider below:

  1. Parents evenings and reports will be done at the timing of the host school calendar. For parents evening you will be able to do this through video.
  2. Parents can receive reports of the weekly activities being considered on Teams.
  3. Your children will receive a laptop (and pen) that they can use in lessons, but also at home.
  4. Through the use of OneNote your child will not only have access to their own notes, but that of the teacher.

Please see our Case Studies to see the experiences of previous learners.