Subject: Government and Politics

What have your experiences been of the e-sgol project since starting teaching? Brilliant. It has allowed us to introduce a new post-16 option subject in to the north of the County as well as to our High School- Llanidloes. It has been great to teach and engage with pupils from other schools, on a format that now feels almost like we are teaching them in the same class- with all the usual banter and discussion. The technological support of e-sgol has been brilliant, furthermore, the personal technology provided to the learners has been very beneficial for them too! I also think teaching on a county wide basis has made it much easier for us to arrange our hustings for all the parliamentary candidates for November’s general election, to visit the senedd in Cardiff Bay- meeting the Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire and to meet the Minister of Education, Kirsty Williams.

What opportunities has e-sgol given to the Pupils?

  • Opportunity to study a new A-level within the county
  • Opportunity to attend hustings for the General Election
  • Opportunity to visit the Senedd in Cardiff Bay
  • Opportunity to meet the Minister of Education

What advice would you give to staff who are considering teaching a course through e-sgol? Play with the technology first, and ensure you have contact with Gareth personally, not relying on an intermediary. When teaching use their names frequently- more so than normal teaching so they know you’re talking to them. Banter with them- I tell them a joke at the end of each lesson, which to begin with really broke the ice!