Subject: Welsh 2nd Language

What have your experiences been of the e-sgol project since starting teaching? Generally very positive. I have enjoyed using the technology and growing the various teams (teacher teams within the school, with Ceredigion, the etaching group itself). It has been great being able to ensure that all thise students that want to continue studying Welsh in South Powys have been given the opportunity to.

What opportunities has e-sgol given to the Pupils? They can continue to study Welsh from their own cimmunities when otherwise, it would have been impossible. They have got to mee new people, and devekop new networks. These are really important skils for our young people to develop.

What advice would you give to staff who are considering teaching a course through e-sgol? Communicate! And stick at it. Be open-minded, adaptable and flexible. How can you adapt your pedagogy to suit the technology, and how can you use the technology to suit your pedagogy. This is a huge opportunity!