Subject: Further Maths

Why did you decide to select to study an e-sgol course, and what are the advantages? I chose it because I thought that when I saw it, the lessons looked good and it was the only way to do the subject I wanted to do (Further maths). One main advantage is that everything is digital, and so it is very easy to go through all my work online, and it helps with teacher to student communication, in my opinion, as it is very easy to remotely show your teacher where you are struggling. Finally, it is also very good to use when learning from home, as the lessons are no different to usual.

What hesitations did you have about studying an e-sgol course, and how do you feel about these now? I thought initially that it would feel weird being watched over a video link by my teacher, but after the first lesson it felt natural and not odd at all. I also thought the tablets would be harder to write on, but also, they are OK for writing on and it’s just digital version of book.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering studying an e-sgol course(s)? I would say to dive right in, it might be out of their comfort zone at first, but it is a brilliant opportunity that should not be looked over. I think they should treat it like a normal option, as it does not seem to make any difference being online as oppose to a face to face lesson, because everyone is the same as you. Finally, you have to be ready to be a little more independent.