GCSE Biology – Autumn 2021

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Tuesday, 16th November – 16:15-17:00


This topic covers an overview of the need for classification and how different organisms show adaptations which enable them to compete successfully for resources within their habitat. The term biodiversity is also covered, along with factors which affect it and how it can be measured. 

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Tuesday, 23rd November – 16:15-17:00


This topic covers the structure of DNA and how it acts as a code for the production of proteins and therefore produces the differences seen between different individuals. The application of genetic profiling as an application for looking at differences between individuals is studied. The mechanisms of inheritance are also covered, including the use of Punnett squares.

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Tuesday, 30th November – 16:15-17:00


Cells need to divide to grow and also to provide cells for sexual reproduction. This topic covers the processes by which these occur. There is also consideration of how uncontrolled mitosis can result in cancer. The use of stem cells in replacing damaged tissue is also discussed. 

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Tuesday, 7th December – 16:15-17:00


The characteristics of a living organism are influenced by its genes and its interaction with the environment. Living organisms are interdependent and show adaptations to their environment. These adaptations are a result of evolution. Evolution occurs by a process of natural selection and accounts both for biodiversity and how organisms are all related to varying degrees. Learners will acquire an understanding of evolution and how it has resulted in the biodiversity seen on Earth. 

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