GCSE Chemistry – Autumn 2021

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Wednesday, 17th November – 16:15-17:00

Atomic Structure (recap) – building on knowledge from year 10 unit

Ion formation (& underlying rationale) – will help with ionic bonding topic Year 11

Working out the formula of ionic compounds (using WJEC supplied table of ions) – to help with the content during session 2 (24/11/21)

Session Information

Wednesday, 24th November – 16:15-17:00

Conservation of mass and the importance of balancing symbol equations. This is a core topic for the entire GCSE chemistry course, and will prove useful in almost all Units this year – various approaches and techniques will be covered.

We will link this to the content of the previous sessions – Bonding and Acids

Session Information

Wednesday, 1st December – 16:15-17:00

Chemical tests to identify ions and gases

This has links to year 10 Chemistry when you tested for halide ions by precipitation reactions with silver nitrate.  We will look at how to write balanced equations and ionic equations for precipitation reactions and link it to C2 from year 11 where we perform a test for sulphate ions.

We will also look at the test for carbonate ions, flame tests and the test for the ammonium ion. Intrinsic to these tests will be identifying gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia 

Session Information

Wednesday, 8th December – 16:15-17:00

Calculations  Part 1 

We will look at how to work out molecular mass values and use these to calculate the % mass of an element in a compound. 

We will also look at the difference between simple and molecular formula and how experimental data can be used to find both simplest formula and the molecular formula of a substance 

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