Subject: Government and Politics

What have your experiences been of the e-sgol project since starting teaching? Very positive. Great way to engage pupils in a greater range of settings. We have been able to overcome and adapt to any small issues that we had at the start of the year, due to the support that has been on offer from Gareth. Great to work across centres too!

What opportunities has e-sgol given to the Pupils? Access to wider opportunities at post 16. Also, a chance for pupils to collaborate and work with other pupils from other centres. ‘Touch base’ days have been invaluable to pupils in consolidating their learning and offering more opportunity to collaborate between centres. Also, an opportunity for pupils to tap into expertise at centres that they don’t necessarily have at their own.

What advice would you give to staff who are considering teaching a course through e-sgol? Become familiar with the technology first and know where to go for back up. Also, get used to using Microsoft Teams, which is a fabulous resource. Make sure that your resources are good and that they can be accessed later by pupils. Organise a series of days where all pupils come to your centre to touch base.