GCSE Maths – Spring 2021

Cliciwch ar ‘Cymraeg’ ar dop y dudalen i wylio’r fideos a gyflwynwyd a recordiwyd yn Gymraeg
Click on ‘Cymraeg’ on top of the page to access the videos that were presented and recorded in Welsh.

Session 1 – Monday, 1st March

Lesson Material

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (notes included)

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (blank)

Session 2 – Monday, 8th March

Lesson Material

Percentages and Compound Interest (written comments)

Percentages and Compound Interest (blank)

Session 3 – Monday, 15th March

Lesson Material

Maths GCSE (Session 3) Factorising, Expanding and Substitution

Maths GCSE (Session 3) Factorising, Expanding and Substitution(Answers)

Maths GCSE (Session 3) Remember

Session 4 – Monday, 22nd March

Lesson Material

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous Equations (Answers)