What were your initial thoughts about the e-sgol project before the school started running with the e-sgol courses? My initial thoughts about the e-sgol project BEFORE starting running the e-sgol courses were mixed. Whilst I could see the benefits of the project, and it was great that we would be able to offer our students courses that we didn’t currently run. This was all very new to us and I was concerned that running something new like this would firstly increase my current workload, however fast forward to AFTER started running the courses I couldn’t have been more wrong!

How did you find the initial setup of the e-sgol equipment (teacher and pupil e-sgol classroom)? The documentation that we initially received from e-sgol with the equipment made the whole setup extremely easy to follow. The documentation/screenshot/photographs were clear labelled explaining how the various connections and equipment connect. All of this meant that we couldn’t really go wrong. We did have a few issues at first with the roll out of student laptops, however this was quickly ironed out and the pupils use me as 

How much support do you provide to the teachers and students following the setup of the relevant equipment? Following the initial setup of the equipment, I took the time to fully familiarise the setup myself so I knew exactly how it worked and what could be done with the equipment. Once I felt comfortable using the equipment, I held “mini workshops” with the staff that were going to be using the equipment for teaching; doing the training in smaller bites allowed the staff to digest the things they had learned easily.

Following the initial roll out of the systems, staff and students were happy and familiar with the use of it. They also know I’m available for support should any problems or issues arrive either during a lesson or outside of a lessons.

How easy is it to keep the equipment up to date and in good working order? This isn’t much of an issue with us in Ysgol Llanfyllin. Students have been shown and are requested to regularly perform system update checks and that they should be done evenings / weekends ahead of any lessons so there is no downtime during a lesson whilst a student device is preforming any updates.