Subject: Further Maths

How did you feel when you were asked to teach through e-sgol? And how do you feel now?

Initially I was nervous as I had never taught online before, however by now I’m very comfortable now that I have had some experience. The new technology and not having the pupils physically in front of me whilst teaching took getting used too, however those hesitation quickly disappeared and it only took one or two lessons to adapt to the new style of teaching.

What are the advantages of teaching through e-sgol?

e-sgol enables pupils to access subjects that might not be available at their school, and therefore are not restriction by where they live.

What support have you received which has helped you with your esgol sessions?

The support from the e-sgol team in setting up all of the hardware and software and the excellent support from our IT technician has been invaluable. Our IT technician is always around if any software and hardware issues arise.

What advice would you give to a teacher who is considering teaching through e-sgol?

Take the opportunity and don’t be afraid to try it. I had major reservations when I started teaching this way and was extremely nervous. However, after getting started with this style of learning you quickly get used to it and find that it isn’t majorly dissimilar to teaching in a classroom with pupils. I definitely recommend teachers plan for slightly less interaction from the students than you might have come to expect from face-to-face teaching. But overall e-sgol works well.